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Whats that smell

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After a few days in Lima we decided to move on and so headed South to this place on the coast, thinking it´d be some stunning beach resort. Instead it turned out to be one giant slum with a park in the centre.
The hostal was funny ´Gran Hostel Belen´, actually came with its own bed pan, which my Chris though was for stewing.
The one good thing was the Guano islands, but my God did they stink. They´re these islands a couple of miles off the coats which are a wildlife haven and are periodically mined for guano, i.e. bird shit.
After that we were treated a drive though the desert in a mini-bus courtesy of its own bullet holes. Went to the coast, my god it was beautiful, all you could see was sand and blue ocean, the below picture should show it.
Ended up swimming in the Pacific, got stung my urchens, Claire ended up taking a knife to them, which was fun. Got them checked out Mum and they´re fine now.

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The land with no traffic laws

Well, finally made it, after 2 days of travelling, 3 in-flight movies and 2 hours playing blackjack on the plane. The taxi ride was interresting, I swear they could give schumi a run for his money. My God the place is so cheap though, like 2 pounds for a meal and beer. Limas not a bad city but we aint gona remain here much longer, probably heading south tomorrow.
We arrived in time for a big festival, celebrating the founding of the city, I think. Which meant Lima centre was rammed, Police everywhere with AK´s and amoured cars with 50 cals on, they wouldnt let us have a go though. Ending up watching the changing of the guard at the Presidential Palace which resembled somthing out of a Monty Python sketch. Tourist info told us to go watch this horse parade only there wasn´t any horses in it, don´t think anyone noticed though.
The hostels pretty good, now manged to get a group of 4 of us, all the way till the Amazon. Heading down to Pisco tomorrow, i.e. made famous for the Guano fields in the 19th century, (finally something from my degree has paid off), then off to the Nasca lines and to the Inca trail for 4 days, ending up on Macho Picho.
Haven´t quite figured out this blogging stuff so ure gona have to bear with me on it.

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