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Iguazu Falls

Water water everywhere...

Right, will be brief as wasnt much there. We rocked up on the Brazilian side and did that in like 3 hours, not much there at all. Then swapped over to the Argentinian side for about 4 days, 2 days too much. However one of those was taken up by a hang over and the other one due to transport.P3150897.jpg
The real fun came afterwards, I was due to head South to Uraguay but instead went North to Paraguay. Absolute quality!!

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Ille Grande

The worlds greatest cakes

I decided to pop down to Ille Grande with one of Claires friends, Louise, as I´d already seen Rio and fancied something different. Ille Grande is an island 3 hours south of Rio by bus, then an hour on a boat. The island itself basically has one main town with about 3 cars on it, the only way to the hundreds of beachs is by hiking ofr hours or by boat.
While on the boat we meet an Aussie girl from Perth called Amy who we ended up taggin along with us for the duration. When we got there everything was booked but manged to get a room in a house with a load of other travellers, was pretty nice actually.
Isn´t too much to do on the island at night, only restaurants, a handful of bars and no clubs. However it does have the greatest attraction of all, pudding trolleys. These things are AMAZING, they come out at night and have the greatest cakes known to man, god I ate loads of them.
Anway the next day we got a boat over to this beach called Lopez Mendes, supposed to be the greatest beach in the universe, or something like that anyway. P3080636.jpg
The beach itself streached for what looked like miles and the water was cyrstal clear. Was pretty amazing. Manged to spend a day there just lounging around. Talk about a hard life.
While the nest day we got one of the boat trips around the island to about 5 different beachs, all of which were pretty stunning. While on one the boat nearly left without me and I was left power swimming across the bay to get to it. The sunset we got off the boat was pretty amazing too.
While the next day we decied to take a wonder around one of the tracks, saw a cool few things such as some prison ruins. Then we bumped into a sign which said there was a waterfull ahead, an hour later over steap paths, (one was technically a cliff as there was a rope to use to climb up it), we finally made it. It was pretty amazing as you could go for a dip as the water wasnt too bad.
Best shower so far.
However, all good things have to come to an end and on the Monday we headed back to Rio and then onto Iquazzu.

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Where the beautiful people live

So after leaving Santos and saying addios to the old man I headed up to Rio with 4 of the cadets. Unfortunately it didnt look like we were off to a good start when one of them booked the wrong day in the hostel, however all turned out well and crashed in another place. Ended up checking out the hang gliding first, with Simon being the only willing cadet (Id already done it). It looked quality though and he properly enjoyed it. Then ended up checking out Sugar Loaf, which was amazing. It was better than the Jesus statue by far. P3020565.jpg
By then however we decided we´d done far too much and headed to some bar for a bit of dead cow. Ended up making our way back to the hostel for a bit more drinking, meet a few odd characters, including the 31 year old account who was a cradle snatcher. It was quality though, crashed an Irish bar and then some other bar.
Dont think we did much on the Sunday, karma meant as we´d done shed loads yesterday we could just chill for the day. Did intend to go out that night but we all ended up falling asleep.
The next day was the cadets final day, so of course we had to head to a bar. However that was after we popped up to the Jesus statue, which just happened to have a bar there as well. P3040611.jpgSo after that we decided to check out Hard Rock Cafe, as all tourists have too, only it was ages away. Was quality when we got there though.P3040597.jpg
So anyway they buggered off on th Monday after a quality weekend where I don´t think I ve laughed so hard in ages.
It was Monday when Chris and Claire arrived too, cant remember too much of what we did then. However the high light has to have been the football match we went to see in the Mara something stadium, Flamingo v. some other local time and a final of something. Crap that was amazing, flares and fireworks going off, flags being waved, everytime they scored we got covered in beer. The atmosphere was amazing. It was an amazing experience, we were right behind the goals with all the die hard fans, we were pretty safe though as we´d got a group of 22 from the hostel. The tube on the way back was also quality as it was just full of Flamingo fans chanting and jumping, wouldnt have got that on the London Underground. After that bascially just chilled in Rio for a while till we headed off to an island called Ille Grande with a friend of Claires.P3060615.jpg

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The art of flash-packing

After sluming it for the last X amount of weeks the offer of a bit of free board and English food with the old man was something which was quickly snatched up. Staying onboard RFA Gold Rover, it far surpased any hooker hotel or grotty hostel. No being woken up at 6am by people packing, no filthy showers...e.t.c
So had to fly at something silly at like 7am and so check-in was 5am, I decided to kip in the airport... not a good idea. Manged to get about 4 minutes sleep. Was so tired couldnt even be bothered with the check-in girls blantent flirting, now thats tired. Eventually got on the plane and headed off to Sao Paulo, where I got picked up, how flash is that, and wisked off to the ship. Manged to eat more in the few days on the ship than in the previous 7 weeks, English breakfast, and my favourite, Steak and Kidney pie!! Even got to watch a bit of English TV, quality!
Santos itself is basically the weekend retreat for those with cash from Sao Paulo, so its pretty dead from Monday to Thursday. The beach is pretty nice though, water aint too clean though. Even ended up doing a bit of culture while there, checked out some building high up in the centre of the city. You got to it by a sort of tram thing, was kinda cool, saw the whole city from up there.
Also sampled a bit of night life which Santos has to offer with a few of the Cadets, was quality. However for the last two days I was forced to check into a 5 star hotel, talk about slumming it. Check out those views from the pool.
Anyway though, ended up heading to Rio on the Friday with the four cadets as they had a 3 dayer off....

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So rolled up into Fortaleza after a monster session on the bus of 24 hours and what were we greated by? Rain, absolute bucket loads of it, and it didnt stop for 3 days due to a major depression over the whole of the North East. It felt just like being at home.
We were in Fortaleza for Carnival so ended up checking it out. It was only a small one but my God was it odd. It was a small procession down a street with stands on either side, while at the end there was a band playing ska. Though I was impressed by the local police who went the full 9 yards to protect the audience by bringing in outside help.P2170399.jpg
Our caped crusaders kept an eagle eye over the nights events. However they soon disappeared, and then out came the ruddy pick pocketers. One tried to get me but all he got was a tourist map, at least he´l be able to find his way home. While ended up stopping one taking a drunk guys wallet.
However apart from that it was pretty cool, everyone was running around with this spray foam and we all got covered.P2170416.jpg
While we were dancing the local town tranny thought we might want to look at his thong, and then his dangly bits underneath. A tad strange, was funny when the local guys all descended upon him though, think he learned his lesson.
The next few days were just chilling as there wasnt too much to do, everything was closed for Carnival and it chucked it down all the time. Ended up planning the next move, Chris and Claire buggered off to Salvador and Im flying to Sao Paulo and onto Santos to crash with dad for a few days. Meeting them in Rio, how international is that! So got a few days here by my tod, however meet some other travellers so had a pretty good time.
It finally stopped raining for 2 days straight which was the cue to crash the beach. P2200425.jpg
Stayed at a hostel which was right on the beach so it was absolute quality, you could just walk straight out onto the beach. While the next day ended up walking a bit to check out what was down the other end.
So thats the North East of Brazil done and got flight in little over 12 hours to Sao Paulo, from there its Rio and then Iguazzu Falls.

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