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The plan was not too spend too much time in Chile, I was only going there to take a flight to New Zealand. I intended to head across to Valprassio for the weekend and then too make it to Santigao for Monday. However a couple of things intervened. Firstly I brought the wrong bus ticket, I went to town just above it , Vina del Mar, I think. Basically Vina Del Mar and Valprassio are two towns on two bays which are right next too each other, Vina is the beach resort area while Valprassio is the port part. However Valprassio is well known and a fav tourist spot because of all the houses built on the hill.
So got on the bus from Mendoza in Argentina, which meant crossing the Andes, though most importantly, another ruddy boarder crossing. The drive through the Andes was pretty surreal as we passed snow capped mountains. You could see a lot of ski lifts which weren't in use, I was a month or two early for the season. All was going well until the border crossing, 3 1/2 hours later we finally got out. However while there got chatting to a couple of people which I ended up with for a good few days, one all the way to Santiago.
So we finally got into Vina del Mar at some good awfull hour, ended up in yet another crappy hostel. However it did have the most comfortable beds ever so it can be forgiven. Also had one of the best Caprinias of the trip, you could tell it was good as after two you had trouble walking in a straight line.
Only stayed there for a day and ended up in Valprassio on the saturday. Stayed in a pretty cool hostel and we ended up going out with them all. Which brings me back to the second factor which played against the time table, I got absolutely trollied. What made matters worse was that all the dorms had locks on. There was another English guy who got locked out, so being a fellow countrymen I tried to help him. After about 5 mins we gave up and I went back to the dorm, however all those other w@#$%%s in the room had passed out, along with everyone else in the hostel. Which wouldnt have been bad had I not left my key in the room and was only wearing shorts.
So me and the other English lad retired back to the living room and remembering those Ray Meers programmes which watched went in search of sustinance, i.e. booze and something warm to wear.
Now I think I need to go back a good few years now, see for something like 8 crappy years I had to learn Latin at school (I know its random but stay with me on thise one), and at every lesson I always wondered what the hell the point of learning it was. Now, god knows how many years later it has finally proved its worth. While looking through the fridge we found a bottle of Caprinia, now both of us knew bugger all Spanish, as on the front was written Libre. However using those crappy Latin skills I figured out what it meant and the next few hours just wizzed by.
My god though the mother of all hangovers kicked in and so didnt get out of that place till Monday. However I did get to check the place out on Monday morning though so not too bad.
We got in to Santiago with the two I'd meet, however one buggered off as she knew a family.
Now there isnt much to do in Santiago, so when its a bank holiday theres even less. We were there for 1st May which is pretty big down this end. Everything was shut, it was like a ghost town. We did manage to occupy ourselves there, theres a statue of Mary on a big hill, like a poor mans Christ the Redeemer in Rio. Was pretty cool. Also managed to check out this big park on a hill, again pretty cool. Apart from that though it was really just about killing time till the flight to Auckland on the 2nd.

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